Tips for Printing from Your Android Devices

If you are still sending e-mail to your computer to print from Android, everything has changed. There is such a great app as Google Cloud Print that gives you an opportunity to print from your Android device on any printer. In fact, Google Cloud Print is a new technology for printers to be connected to the Internet. Thus, you can not only access your home and business printers from your own applications, but also provide it to other users.

Google Cloud Print works with Android and any other device on which Chrome is installed, including iOS and any computer or laptop.

Its main features are:

  • Printing from all supported Android devices on any printer connected to the service;
  • Printing pictures and documents from other applications, open invitations received by email;
  • Tracking the status of print tasks;

Searching and registering virtual printers on the local network.
So, let's figure out how this works! Setting up the virtual printer program consists in adding the necessary printers. If the printer is directly connected to the Internet and supports cloud printing, then it must be associated with the service account. The order of the settings depends on the printer manufacturer. In the case of conventional printers, they are connected to the virtual printer via Google Chrome:

  • Turn on the computer and printer, log in your Windows or Mac OS account;
  • Launch Google Chrome;
  • On the Google Chrome menu select the item "Settings" - "Show advanced settings";
  • In the "Google Cloud Print" section click the "Configure" button, and then the "Add printers" button;
  • Choose a user account and, if necessary, enter the appropriate password;

Mark the required printers with the checkboxes and click the “Add Printer” button, after which the marked printers will be registered in Google Cloud Print service. Further, the management of registered printers can be performed by the "Google Cloud Print" section of the Google Chrome setup menu.

Using the Google Cloud Print application is simple: select the desired file, printer (if necessary, set the print settings) and send the file to the printer. You even don’t need to switch on the PC, Google Chrome is enough to be installed on the computer in a standard way.

As you can finally start printing from Chrome or Gallery, just click "Menu" in another application and select "Print". Then, you should select your printer from the suggested variants, as well as specify various settings (sheet size, color, etc.). Click "Print" and all the necessary data will be transferred to your printer.

But printing from Android is not limited to photos and web pages. Using some other applications, such as Cloud Print Plus, your options can be applied to text messages, contacts, e-mail applications and files that are stored on the device. You can use a virtual printer even for printing from Firefox providing it is the main browser on your Android.
Google has a special page that lists all applications that are compatible with the virtual printer.
After the installation has been finished, you can use any computer with installed Chrome, sign in to your Google account and print directly on your own home printer even if you are out. Just select the desired device from the dialog box using Chrome. It also works with iOS devices. It is enough to install PrintCentral Pro, in order to print from e-mail, applications and contacts, text messages from your iPhone or iPad. On the whole, the printing process from Android devices is very simple. Once you have configured the software, you can quickly print out documents bypassing the intermediate stage of copying them to the PC. Undoubtedly, it can be called a universal solution which any user of any skill level can adjust without going into technical issues and without thinking how it works. That’s it!

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