It would be cool never to charge your smartphone. Unfortunately, today no manufacturer can promise you this, but there is a way to forget about a cable for charging. It’s about the so-called wireless charging. Today the Qi standard is actively developing, and many devices already support it. Wireless charging needs a wire regardless […]

  Nobody will argue that smartphones and tablets are convenient devices. Possessing outstanding functionality, they facilitate many aspects of our life and perform a number of tasks. In fact, electronic devices have harmoniously fitted in modern cars. Navigation, music, constant communication, passenger entertainment are only the most obvious scenarios of using a smartphone in the […]

Most users of devices running on the Android platform are quite happy with them because this system is multifunctional. It has many capabilities and gives the user freedom of actions. For a few reasons, some users want to reinstall the operating system or install an alternative to the phone or tablet, for example, Windows. Let’s […]

One of the main Android advantages is a multi-stage protection system which you can improve almost endlessly. But there are cases when applying the protection, users don’t have any idea how to unlock it. Here we’d like to dwell on how to unlock or reset the screen lock on Android. If the password or the […]