How to Unlock or Reset an Android Pattern Screen Lock

One of the main Android advantages is a multi-stage protection system which you can improve almost endlessly. But there are cases when applying the protection, users don’t have any idea how to unlock it. Here we’d like to dwell on how to unlock or reset the screen lock on Android.

If the password or the graphic lock on Android has slipped your mind, it’s not a reason to panic. You can renew the access to your mobile device rather quickly and easy. So, let’s figure out some ways of it.


Method 1: Use your Google Account information

having connection to the network or Wi-Fi, you should only enter your e-mail and password. This allows unlocking the device without any problem. To do this, enter the pattern key 5 times incorrectly until the warning window for blocking the device appears for 30 seconds. You’ll see the “Forgot the pattern?” button on the screen, you should click on it, enter your data and this action will do its job and unlock the device.

If you have forgotten the account password, you will have to restore it.

Please note that this method requires the Internet access. Therefore, open the “blind” by making a swipe down and tap on mobile data or Wi-Fi. The device connects to the access if it has previously worked on this network.


Method 2: Reset to factory settings

This method is simpler than the previous one, but using it, all the data from the device memory like installed applications, linked accounts, SMS, etc. will be deleted. All your photos, audio and other data on the SD will remain intact.

When you next activate your device, restore the data from the backup.


Method 3: Upgrading your smartphone or tablet

You can also delete the pattern or password when you decide to upgrade the device.

Method 4: Reset the pattern and password without using Google account

The method has two alternatives. The first one implies deleting the system files as “gesture.key” and “password.key” that are responsible for displaying the pattern and password, the second one restores factory defaults. Let us get all this straightened out.

The first variant requires the file manager Aroma. Download the archive without unpacking it. Then switch off the device and go to the Recovery menu. To do this, you should press and hold one of the following combinations:

  • Volume up + Power on
  • Down volume + Turn on
  • Volume up / down + Power Button + Home



  1. On the Recovery menu, click ‘Install zip’.
  2. Then click  on the “Choose zip from last install folder” option. Here you will see all the latest downloaded archives, among which you will find the one you need.
  3. Select the necessary archive.
  4. The file manager will open. Find ‘/ data / system /’ and delete the files:
  •    “Gesture.key”
  •    “Password.key”
  •    “Locksettings.db”
  •    “Locksettings.db-wal”
  •    “Locksettings.db-shm”

At the end, reboot the device.

The second variant implies the same holding of the button combination until the device boots. Then you will see some options on the screen like DOS. Moving up and down with the volume key, find the option ‘Delete User Data’ or ‘Restore Factory Defaults’. Click on it and reboot the system.

Now you know all the tricks for unlocking or resetting your android device.