Windows Installation on Android Devices

Most users of devices running on the Android platform are quite happy with them because this system is multifunctional. It has many capabilities and gives the user freedom of actions.

For a few reasons, some users want to reinstall the operating system or install an alternative to the phone or tablet, for example, Windows. Let’s see how to install Windows on Android devices?

There are only two basic ways to install windows on Android devices that is through an emulator (software) or completely reflash the device by installing a new mobile platform on it.

The first case is suitable for combining the capabilities of both systems – the emulator will switch between them, which is useful if the user just want to play his favorite game.

To make sure if the processor will replace the android on Windows 8, you have to look through the “passport data” of your device. It is also important to remember that the OS requires more memory than Android.

Before you install Windows, you need to determine your priorities, and following them, to choose one of the methods or use an alternative:

  1. The emulator program allows shifting between different operating systems in a convenient mode. This method is ideal for those who just want to be able to use applications from Microsoft and other software that can only work in such an OS.
  2. Install Windows on top of the current Android. This is a dangerous method because this procedure may damage the system and you’ll have to format the device’s memory, however, a successful installation will completely change the device.
  3. For those who simply like the Windows interface, there is an alternative launcher in the Google Play store. Instead of the standard look, it will supply Windows’ but will not change the basic parameters and properties of the mobile platform.

OS emulators in the software market are quite a lot and each of them has their own features. To install Windows on the Android tablet, you must first delete the current operating system.

At the moment, Windows 8 is a popular mobile version. It has comprehensive support from the developer, so many prefer to replace the android with windows 8.

The installation process will require such following items as Android Mobile or tablet, USB-Ethernet adapter (in case Windows can’t determine the Wi-Fi adapter installed on the device), USB cable, high speed Internet connection, software such as “Change my Software”.

Windows Installation on Android Tablet

  1. Download the software from torrent or google. Then connect the tablet with the PC through USB cable. You’ll be offered to choose ‘Android to Windows’ or ‘Windows to Android’. Choose the first and click on Next.
  2. Tap on Continue. The installation process is going on.
  3. Select the language. And the window driver downloads from the Internet. How long it will take you depends on the Internet connection.
  4. After downloading, click ‘Install’. Now, if you want to remove the android, click on ‘Remove Android’.
  5. When the installation is complete, restart your device. You’ll see two OSs.
  6. Choose Windows 8 OS and wait for its loading.

Well, now you can use both Android and Windows on the tablet. Enjoy using them!