Wireless Charging for Android Phones


It would be cool never to charge your smartphone. Unfortunately, today no manufacturer can promise you this, but there is a way to forget about a cable for charging. It’s about the so-called wireless charging. Today the Qi standard is actively developing, and many devices already support it.

Wireless charging needs a wire regardless its name. Only the wire is connected to the charging base, not to the phone directly.  Your Android device should be placed on the charger. The charging base can be of almost any shape and size.

For example, it would be nice to have wireless charging in the workplace. When you do not use the phone, you put it on the charging station. If you need to use it, it is always charged. Wireless charging charges not so fast as wired, but it’s easy and convenient. Easy to use is the benefit of wireless charging.

So, as it was mentioned, the wireless charging allows you to recharge the battery of the device without connecting the power cable to it. Nevertheless, the contact for charging is still needed, and the device will not start charging until it is placed on a special platform or a charging mat. Some devices initially support wireless charging technology, and the necessary elements are built into the case, and some devices can be ‘taught’ to be charged wirelessly with a special cover which seriously increases the size.

Supported devices are charged by induction, in other words, the element that is needed for charging without wires is nothing more than a coil influenced by electromagnetic fields of charging. This process is unnoticeable for the human eyes. The only thing you’ll see is the battery indication on the smartphone screen.

The Qi standard today is widespread, and today wireless charging can be found in cafes, hotels and many other places. It’s more convenient than searching for a socket or a cable suitable for your smartphone.

And finally, the most obvious advantage is the devices are protected from moisture. When there is no need to connect the cable, there is no need to open the plug on the case which wears out quickly enough.