Magnetic Car Mount for Your Safety


Nobody will argue that smartphones and tablets are convenient devices. Possessing outstanding functionality, they facilitate many aspects of our life and perform a number of tasks. In fact, electronic devices have harmoniously fitted in modern cars. Navigation, music, constant communication, passenger entertainment are only the most obvious scenarios of using a smartphone in the car. However, not every car has a place for a convenient placement of the gadget. In this case, a lot of holders have been designed to fix the smartphone in any, the most unexpected place in the car.

A modern driver knows how difficult it is to place accompanying accessories in a car, as the number of them is increasing rapidly. Mobile phones, navigators, tablets, DVRs, combo devices and other electronic gadgets require a safe place while driving. The way-out is to use holders that meet the standards of easy usage, reliability of fixing, compact dimensions and aesthetic look. Today, magnetic mounts are without a doubt the most popular devices. They are convenient for using them while driving and their compact dimensions allow you to place them in different parts of the torpedo.

Advantages of magnetic car mounts are:

  • – a powerful magnet;
  • – the plate on the phone is only 0.5 mm;
  • – a tight contact between the iron ball and the magnet;
  • – a wide angle of inclination and rotation;
  • – a reliable adhesive tape;
  • – a degreasing napkin;
  • – stylish look.

Such properties allow the magnetic holder to keep the accessory firmly with the millimeter’s accuracy even on the bumpiest road. The design allows you to place such a compact magnetic holder in the air duct, as it does not overlap the grid and does not affect the air circulation inside the car.

Mounting the magnetic holder does not require additional use of suction cups and special glue, the only thing you need for a strong fixation is only a small roughness. The most optimal option is the air duct. In this case, the mobile device takes up a minimum of space. This way of fixing eliminates the possibility of unreliable fixation even with strong jolts. Even the overall smartphone does not block the access of fresh air to the car.

The main advantage of the magnetic holder is that it eliminates the need for making structural changes in the panel and the possibility of prompt dismantling. Most models of car holders on a magnet are designed for any electronic equipment. GPS navigators, cameras, tablets are always in use and their safety while driving is an important criterion.

As you could notice, this kind of mount is universal in placing it. You can place it everywhere you like, just do it for your own convenience to reach the phone when in need. Moreover, we should mention about the sound when using a magnetic phone holder. It is actually improved in a way that you won’t have to be distracted by holding the phone between your shoulder and ear. You just place the phone in the magnetic holder and speak at your leisure. What is more, you can clearly see the screen of your device when you use a GPS, for example. You place the magnetic car mount in front of you and only glance at it whenever it’s necessary for you.

Today the market offers a wide range of magnetic car phone mounts, such a thing can become necessary, practical and at the same time very useful even as a present.